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See costs and due dates instantly
Receive reminders for upcoming fees
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Patent Renewal Service Features

Instant Calculations

Our proprietary IP Laws engine instantly calculates the next renewal date for each patent, and the IP Fees engine tells you what you’ll be paying for each annuity (including official fee).

No Minimums

Simply sign up to get started. No minimum number of patents, no minimum spend – all clients get great service for a set fee.

Bulk Data Tools

Maximise efficiency and manage large portfolios with bulk data import and multi-patent editing tools.

Portfolio Insight

With automatically-generated, printable and downloadable reports you can quickly see the status of all your patents and budget for future costs.

Record Decisions

Decide whether to pay or abandon your patents. Auto-Renew is also available if you never want to miss a payment.

Real-Time Updates

Stay up to date: your cases are kept up to date with next renewal information and other data which you can see when you log in and view your records.

Cost Efficiency

No hidden fees and full transparency so you can see that you’re always charged a fair price.

No Lock-In

No minimum contract term, no monthly fee, and your data is available for export at any time.

Personal Account Manager

Your own assigned customer manager will ensure that you’re looked after from sign up right through to successful renewal.

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Benefits of renewing online

  Save with Self-Service Renewal

RenewalsDesk provides tools that make the standard patent renewals process simple and accessible. Patent holders and patent attorneys can benefit from managing standard renewals in house, cutting out a string of middlemen that can develop around the renewals process.

  No Missed Renewals

With email reminders setting out due dates and costs, upcoming renewals views, and automated payments you can be confident you’ve addressed all your renewals within the official payment windows. Then monitor the real-time status of in-progress renewals.

  Simple Tools For Patent Holders

It’s easy to add your patents into the system, especially with automatic data retrieval for patents in popular countries. Fees and due dates are calculated for each patent.

  Overview Tools for Attorneys

Maintain patents with up to date information, and keep track of patents and renewals statuses in your clients’ RenewalsDesk accounts. Make renewals on behalf of your clients.

  Cost Transparency

See exactly what you’re paying for, including native patent office fees – so you can be sure there are no costs hidden in international transfers or anywhere else – and your company can finally budget accurately for renewals.

  Safe & Secure

Best-practice security standards in data, technology and payments ensure that your renewals are in safe hands.

Get Started

  Sign Up for Simple Renewals  

Free unlimited patent renewal date lookups, official fee calculations, renewal reminders & quotes.

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