Patent Renewals by Country

Patent Renewal Fees by Country

What are Patent Renewal Fees?

Patent renewal fees, also known as patent maintenance fees or patent annuities, are regular payments that must be made to a patent office in order to keep a patent in force. The rules vary across countries. The fees not only provide a revenue stream for the patent offices so that they can continue to provide their services, but also create an incentive for patent holders to relinquish patents that aren’t providing them with any commercial benefit. Once a patent lapses, it’s possible for others to take advantage of the idea and build upon it.

When are Patent Renewal Fees Due?

Renewal fees may be payable only after a patent has granted, or may be payable both while the patent application is pending and after grant. They are payable at intervals throughout the life of the patent. Annual payments are by far the most common, as is a 20 year total term. However, these vary, and some patent offices have less frequent payment intervals (such as the US, where fees are payable at 3.5, 7.5 and 11.5 years from grant). Payment of fees is generally required in advance of the end of the current patent term (usually the anniversary of filing or grant date) in order to keep the patent or application alive for the following period. There is usually a period after the renewal deadline during which renewal fees can still be paid along with a penalty late fee. As the rules differ across countries, information on the fees and rules in each geography is required.

Instant Patent Renewal Fee Information

To find the overall patent annuity rules and fee schedules, use the links to the right to access the country guides. To work out the due dates and upcoming fees for a specific patent, use the patent renewal fee calculator. This provides you with patent-specific results from the renewal fee database.

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