Our Process

Our Process

We offer a flexible reminder schedule where you can choose between automatic or manual invoicing.


Automatic Invoicing

Our standard process is that we advise you three months ahead of the renewal month. This gives you the opportunity to amend the list of cases to be renewed. An invoice is then automatically issued two weeks later, and renewals are paid in due course.


Manual Invoicing

If you would rather choose the timing of your payments, we will set you up for manual invoicing. In this case, our process is to send you reminders until we are instructed to issue an invoice. From there, the payment process is initiated once our invoice is paid. Our standard reminder schedule is set out in the table shown, but we can amend this according to your requirements.

Our process is flexible and tailored to you:

  • Payments can be made in over a dozen currencies
  • We accept credit cards as well as local bank transfer
  • Our standard schedule, as shown, is flexible and can be customised to suit your needs


Our reminder schedule

Our reminder schedule varies depending on whether you have chosen automatic or manual invoicing. The standard schedules are as follows:

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