About RenewalsDesk

About RenewalsDesk

Easy, secure and cost effective IP renewals

Discover the history behind RenewalsDesk and the reasons why we are so passionate about providing a world leading patent renewal service.


Our Proposition

We will always tell you the patent office fee so there are no hidden fees. Ever.


History and Purpose

RenewalsDesk was started in 2013 by a patent owner who discovered he was being hugely overcharged by a renewals provider that was recommended to him by his patent attorney.

The lack of clarity about who was gaining from these inflated prices, combined with slow and unhelpful service, was the driving force for the creation of our business.


Our Vision

Easy, secure and cost effective IP renewals.


Our Mission

To bring honesty and transparency to the IP Renewals sector, for all clients, regardless of their portfolio size.


Our Team

John Keogh

Director, Patent Attorney

John has over 25 years experience as a patent and trademark attorney. He is one of the world’s leading experts in IP Portfolio Management and Renewals.

Susan Churchill

IP Account Manager

Over her career Susan has held numerous sales and account management roles within the pharmaceutical sector. Susan is committed to ensuring that each interaction with RenewalsDesk is transparent and easy.

Julie Rayner

Service Delivery Manager

Julie is responsible for managing our extensive agent network. Julie and her team ensure that every renewal is followed up with care, and formal communication provided to our clients in each and every case.

Mike Waite

Financial Controller

Mike looks after our finances for us. He has over 30 years experience in Finance and HR, and puts his skills to work making sure that all our sums add up.