Our Story

RenewalsDesk is a British company set up to improve the services available for renewing patents across the world. The business was started by a patent owner who discovered first-hand the difficulty and expense of maintaining their patent portfolio using a provider which was low on customer service, but high on cost. We have now grown to be a trusted international provider, based on our reliability and customer focussed approach.


Small to medium sized businesses have lower bargaining power with traditional providers, and are generally therefore given the most expensive tariffs. Combine this with the astonishingly high exchange rate mark-ups and hidden fees charged by some providers, and patent owners (and also attorney firms) may be getting a very poor deal.


Our basic service proposition to our clients is that we will tell you what the Patent Office charge is (in the Patent Office currency, so you know there is no fudging of the figures), and we will give you the total price in your preferred currency. It is as simple as that. There is the fee that we pay out to the Patent Office and there is the total cost. There are no hidden fees because our charges are simply the total cost minus the Patent Office fee.


In addition to this simple, transparent service model, we provide easy to use tools to enable you to log in to your account and view your upcoming patent (and other IP) renewals, add new cases, instruct us to pay fees via the user interface, and, once the renewal is paid, to view the official receipt or confirmation of payment as an attachment to the online record.


The final key to our service model is that we put the users of our services first, removing obstacles and costs, and saving you time by always responding promptly to your queries.


Easy, simple and cost effective.