1. Through Your Patent Attorney

This is the quick fix. If you really don’t want to think about your renewals and you’re happy to pay to have the problem taken off your hands, this could be a good option for you.

Remember that you there could be a lot of people involved in the renewals process and each one will take their cut.


  1. DIY From Scratch

At the other end of the scale, you could cut out everyone else and handle all of the renewals yourself in-house. At quite a few patent offices, it’s possible to pay renewal fees yourself. It’s not necessarily the simplest of things to achieve and some would argue that the time spent researching all of the up-to-date country laws and getting to grips with the complexities of exactly what you need to pay and when (based on the large number of factors that come into play) would be more costly to your business than using some kind of expert intermediary.


  1. Go Direct to a Patent Renewal Service

The alternative is a middle ground. There are a number of patent renewal services that you can approach directly. If you have only a small number of patents, some services won’t consider you, but there are services that will take any size of client. When comparing prices, be sure to compare the total cost to renew so you don’t get caught out by an enticingly low processing fee, only to find you’re paying much more overall.



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