It’s now possible to automatically look up and add European Patent Office (EPO) patent applications to your RenewalsDesk account, making renewing your European patent application very easy.

You have to renew your European patent application each year in order to keep it active. If you miss a renewal, the office will consider your application withdrawn. Once your patent is granted, you don’t need to pay the EPO any more, but you will need to start paying each European member state in which you want the patent to remain active.

With RenewalsDesk, you can:

  • look up your patents and applications quickly and simply
  • see what fees are requested by the patent office and when they are due
  • get email reminders every time a renewal is due
  • save on professional fees by managing your patents online

Over the 20 years of your patent’s lifetime, you could save 50% or more by renewing your European application through RenewalsDesk, although we hope that your patent is granted long before that!

April 9th 2014