Self-Service & Client Overview Tools for IP Professionals


The Self-Service tool with Client Overview lets you perform all the same tasks as a basic Self-Service account – such as adding patents, viewing next renewal fees due and payment windows, making renewals and tracking orders – on behalf of your own company or your clients. It also enables you to maintain viewing rights over the patents your clients have in their Self-Service accounts in order to ensure that all is well with their renewals.


Product Features

For further details on the cloud-based tool and supporting processes, view the full list of product features, including information on:

  • Geographic Coverage
  • Service Functionality
  • Client Overview Module
  • Next Renewal Details
  • Fee & Payment Window Adjustments
  • Late Payments
  • Renewals Processes Observed
  • Data & Security
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Want to check some actual cases for local currency renewal fees and total costs? Try our free Renewal Calculator.

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