Service Overview


RenewalsDesk Self-Service is a new kind of patent renewal tool. It gives you back the control over your and your clients’ renewals and by cutting out an expensive outsourced service, you can save on processing fees.


Renew Patents In House


The Self-Service tool gives you everything you need to manage and make renewals from within your company – whether you’re in-house counsel at a patent holding corporation, or an attorney or renewals team at a patent firm. The tool handles the complex calculation of due dates, payment windows, fees and fee reduction criteria. All you have to do is supply the patent.



How RenewalsDesk Helps Your Company Save Money


Self-Service is for mainstream, standard patent renewals

Our system automatically deals with the most common standard patents. If your case is something special, like an SPC, or if it’s in an obscure jurisdiction, we look at these on a case by case basis and we update you on what is needed in your specific case. Because the most common tasks are automated, we can focus on helping you with the tricky bits.

Fee transparency

There are no hidden fees. You’re quoted a simple processing cost per renewal and that’s all you pay on top of the currency-converted patent office fee. To be totally upfront, we show you the patent office fee in the currency in which it is paid to the patent office. Where a patent office fee is not in your native currency and a foreign exchange is required, this is charged as close to cost as we can make it and is already included in the total estimated cost quoted to you. Unlike some other renewal services, RenewalsDesk does not seek to profit by hiding huge additional fees in the foreign exchange rate used.

Simple pricing

Our pricing framework is as simple as our costs allow. We don’t adhere to the conventional price structure of charging you more for renewals later on in the life of the patent. Where possible, we maintain a single fee level per country that doesn’t increase over a patent’s lifetime.


Two Editions to Suit Your Needs


There are two versions of the RenewalsDesk Self-Service software.

For Patent Holders
  • Upload your patents quickly and easily
  • Instantly see the expected renewal costs and payment dates
  • Choose whether to renew or ignore each patent
For IP Professionals
  • As per the Patent Holder tool, with additional functionality
  • Maintain an overview of patents and renewals in your clients’ accounts
  • Make renewals on behalf of your clients



Product Tour

Get an overview of the RenewalsDesk Self-Service tool.

* The full product tour requires javascript to be enabled in your browser. To see more of the full service either enable javascript or create a free Self-Service account and explore the tool.

All Patents View

Dashboard View
The Dashboard gives you an overview of your payment status and any upcoming renewals in your account and/or your clients' accounts.
All Patents View
On this screen, you can view and manage all the patents in your account and/or click through to view your clients' patents.
Patent Details View
Clicking on the Manage Patent link from any other screen allows you to see the full patent details and perform any available actions.
Add a Patent View
A simple wizard takes you through the process of adding a patent to your account. All pages have a help section with tips and advice.
Payment Status View
You can manage, change, or remove your payment method details at any time so you maintain full control over your account.
Order History View
A full order history allows you to view past payments, and to keep track of the current status of in-progress renewals.

Want to check some actual cases for local currency renewal fees and total costs? Try our free Renewal Calculator.

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