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New Introductory Guide to Patent Renewals

We’ve written an Introductory Guide to Patent Renewals – perfect for patent holders or patent applicants¬†who are new to the patent renewals process. Patent Renewal Fees (also known as Patent Maintenance Fees, Annuities or Annual Fees) are fees that you must pay on a regular basis in order to keep your patent in force. Even if you made a World or European patent application, when your patent is granted it is handled by the Patent Offices in each of the…

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European Patent Office Application Renewals

It’s now possible to¬†automatically look up and add European Patent Office (EPO) patent applications to your RenewalsDesk account, making renewing your European patent application very easy. You have to renew your European patent application each year in order to keep it active. If you miss a renewal, the office will consider your application withdrawn. Once your patent is granted, you don’t need to pay the EPO any more, but you will need to start paying each European member state in…

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UK Patent Renewal Automatic Data Retrieval

Did you know that you need to pay the UK Intellectual Property Office annually (after the 4th anniversary of your patent’s filing date) in order to keep your patent in force in the UK.RenewalsDesk now offers you the ability to renew your UK patents quickly and easily.With automatic patent data retrieval and comprehensive guidance, it’s a simple process to get started with renewing your patents.For low volumes of patents, using RenewalsDesk will typically save you 20% or more over the…

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