Renewals in Canada

Canadian Patent Maintenance Fees

Canada’s Patent Annuities

Renewal fees in Canada are calculated from the filing date of the application (or the effective filing date if the Canadian case has an earlier parent). Fees are due both before and after grant.
Different fees apply dependent on whether the applicant is considered a small or large entity. The tables below detail each fee option. Further information on Entity Types can be found here.
Renewal Fees (CAD):

Fee for Patent Year Application: Small Entity Application: Large Entity
3 $50 $100
4 $50 $100
5 $50 $100
6 $100 $200
7 $100 $200
8 $100 $200
9 $100 $200
10 $100 $200
11 $125 $250
12 $125 $250
13 $125 $250
14 $125 $250
15 $125 $250
16 $225 $450
17 $225 $450
18 $225 $450
19 $225 $450
20 $225 $450

Fees are given in Canadian Dollars.

Maintaining Patents in Canada

RenewalsDesk offers an easy to use, online service for managing your patents and paying renewal fees – both those in Canada and other countries.

Check the dates of upcoming Canadian patent renewals, receive reminders and pay the patent renewal fees.

How it works

Find and add your Canadian patents

Instantly see due dates, official and processing fees

Authorise payments

Patent renewed automatically when due

Receive renewal confirmation and receipts

Repeats every year until cancellation

Patent Renewal Rules at the CIPO

Until a Canadian patent is granted, payment of renewal fees must be made through the recorded agent. After the patent grant date, the applicant is free to chose another service to manage renewals, such as RenewalsDesk. Until then, we can still assist by reminding you of the due date, and instructing your agent on your behalf if you wish, reducing your need to deal in multiple currencies.
Late payment is possible for granted patents, similarly to other jurisdictions. The “grace period” for late payment is six months. An additional late fee of $150 (CAD) is payable.

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