Patent Renewal Fees Denmark

Patent Renewal Fees Denmark

Danish Patent Annuities

For Patent YearBasic Renewal Fee

Fees listed are in DKK.

Danish Patent Renewal Rules

Renewal Procedure and Patent Renewal Fees at the Danish patent office.

An informational summary of the patent renewal rules in place for Danish patents.


Scandinavian Commonalities

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have the same basic renewal rules, as detailed below.


Renewal Years

In all the above countries, fees are due throughout the patent’s whole lifetime – from the very first day of filing the application, through to when the patent is granted. The first three years of renewal fees are payable upon application.

From year four onwards, fees become due annually.


Renewal Dates & Payment Windows

The renewal becomes due at the end of the month that holds the anniversary of the filing date of the patent. Payments are made for the upcoming year of the patent’s life. For example, if a patent was filed on 9th August five years ago, the renewal date for the patent is the same: on 31st August (the end of the month of the fifth anniversary), the fee for year six is due.

Payments can be made up to three months in advance of the renewal date.


Late Payments

It is permitted to make a late payment after the payment window has ended and still avoid the lapse of a patent. This requires the payment of the renewal fee, along with an additional 20% of that renewal fee, as a penalty. The late payment grace period lasts for six months from the missed renewal date.


European Applications

As usual, if the original application was made through the European Patent Office (EPO), fees are not due to each of the country offices until after grant. During the application stage, fees are paid to the EPO only.


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