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Patent Application Renewal Procedures at the European Patent Office

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Renewal fees are due for UK patents from the 2nd anniversary of the patent filing date, and every year thereafter to maintain the application. Once the patent is granted, no more renewal fees are due to the European Patent Office (EPO). The patent is then considered by each member state designated on the application. To achieve granted patent status in each country, further fees will be due. Your patent agent will handle this initial procedure, arranging for the payment of country processing fees and, where necessary the filing of translations.

The patent holder then become separately liable to each individual country’s patent office for renewal fees to keep the patent in force in that country. This is the current state of affairs, but in future, it is expected to change with the introduction of the European unitary patent.

After the renewal deadline, the fee can still be paid during a subsequent period of six months to maintain the application. However, an additional late fee equal to half of the renewal fee is also due during this period.

After the end of this six month late payment period, the patent is considered lapsed.

There are special circumstances surrounding late granted patents if it is granted more than 3 years and 9 months after the filing date. Please refer to the dedicated article on Late Grants in the Knowledge Base for further information.

Maintaining Patents in Europe

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