Renewals in the UK

Patent Renewal Fees UK

UK Patent Maintenance Fees

The annual renewal fees are:

For Patent Year Standard Patent Fees License of Right Endorsed Fees
5 £70 £35
6 £90 £45
7 £110 £55
8 £130 £65
9 £150 £75
10 £170 £85
11 £190 £95
12 £210 £105
13 £250 £125
14 £290 £145
15 £350 £175
16 £410 £205
17 £460 £230
18 £510 £255
19 £560 £280
20 £600 £300

Fees are listed in British Pound Sterling (GBP).

Renewing Patents in the United Kingdom

RenewalsDesk offers an easy to use, online service for managing your patent renewals – both those in the UK and other countries.

Check the dates of upcoming GB patent renewals, get alerted and pay the patent renewal fees.

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UK Patent Renewal Rules

Renewal fees are due for UK patents starting from the 4th anniversary of the patent filing date. This first payment is for the 5th year of the patent, so this fee is known as the 5th annuity or 5th renewal fee. After the first payment, they are due annually every year thereafter until the end of the patent lifetime, 20 years after filing. If the patent is not yet granted at the 4th anniversary of the filing date (or strictly speaking at 3 years and 9 months), the fee is not payable, but will accrue with subsequent renewals for payment at the time of grant of the patent. We suggest you pay these accrued fees through your filing agent, and then RenewalsDesk will make payments from the next annuity. Please refer to the dedicated article on Late Grants in the Knowledge Base for further information.
There is a grace period of six months after the initial deadline in which to pay the fee, but late fees are charged, accruing at an additional £24 per month.
After the end of this six month grace period, if the renewal fee is not paid, the patent right lapses. Reinstatement is possible, but only if there has been a genuine error which caused the lapse of the patent. So this can not be relied upon to reinstate lapsed patents where the patent owner was aware of the requirement to pay the fee but chose not to take action to have the fee paid.

Patent Renewal Fees

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