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Top reasons to choose RenewalsDesk


We separate the Patent Office charges from our charges so you can see what you are paying for. You can see pricing in almost any currency; just let us you know which one you want.


Our online portal allows you to manage your portfolio of patent, trademark, design and utility model rights, instruct renewals and review official receipts. Payments can be made in over a dozen currencies. We accept credit cards as well as local bank transfer.

Client Focus

We respond to all queries within one business day, with a team that is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service. We provide a dedicated account manager to work with you for all your portfolio needs. Our modern system was developed to ensure reliability and usability for our clients.


The privacy of your data is important to us, and we are GDPR compliant. You can manage your portfolio via our secure online portal, where we offer online payments for debit and credit card by world-leading secure payment provider WorldPay.

Free Fee Checker

Use our app or online fee checker to see official renewal fees and obtain total cost estimates in your preferred currency, in over 60 jurisdictions. To download the app, search “RenewalsDesk” in your preferred app store.

Data and Reports

We know how important data quality is, which is why we provide free data verification on your input data to reduce the risk from faulty data. We will also provide full portfolio listings and budget reports within three business days.

How to get started
Transferring your IP portfolio to RenewalsDesk is quick and easy

Free Portfolio Budget Report

Send RenewalsDesk your full portfolio listing and we will have it priced up within three days. If in the meantime you have any queries we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Advise Your Current Provider

Advise your current provider that you will be transferring your portfolio or simply instruct RenewalsDesk. We would recommend specifying a start date from which RenewalsDesk will be responsible for your portfolio management.

Set Up Your Account

You can set up an account using our free portfolio management software, where you can add, instruct and edit IP matters in your portfolio, and view official receipts once the renewals are complete.

Transition Complete

That’s it! We’ll send you reminders in advance of each due date (and afterwards, if you get behind on things), and will pay and confirm fees from then on, based on your instructions. In less than a week, you’re up and running.

Easy, secure and cost effective IP renewals.
We will always tell you the patent office fee so there are no hidden fees. Ever.
About us
Meet our team

John Keogh

Director, Patent Attorney

John is a leading expert in IP Portfolio Management and Renewals. With over 25 years experience as a patent and trademark attorney, John has revolutionised the Patent Renewals industry.

Susan Churchill

IP Account Manager

Over her career Susan has held numerous sales and account management roles within the pharmaceutical sector. Susan is committed to ensuring that each interaction with RenewalsDesk is transparent and easy.

Julie Rayner

Service Delivery Manager

Julie is responsible for managing our extensive agent network. Julie and her team ensure that every renewal is followed up with care, and formal communication provided to our clients in each and every case.

Mike Waite

Financial Controller

Mike manages the finance and accounting for RenewalsDesk. With over 30 years experience in Finance and Human Resources, Mike’s expertise ensures accuracy and accountability in his portfolio.


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Easy, secure and cost effective IP renewals
We will always tell you the patent office fee so there are no hidden fees. Ever.

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